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I’m  a California girl (born & raised), growing roots in Wisconsin. After living in a tiny ski resort town in the mountains of Southern California most of my life and then spending much of my 20s and early 30s in the desert, my husband Matt and I moved to Wisconsin in November of 2012. Moving to Wisconsin really fulfilled our family dream and we’ve never looked back.

AMPTGGOODI met Matt in 2002 and we married in 2003 We welcomed our daughter, Brookelyn that same year. Five years later Cohen was born and our family was complete. I am a hairstylist turned SAHM, I do still enjoy cutting & coloring hair now and then for friends & neighbors. When I’m not working on a blog post, you can find me reading a book, searching Pinterest, sipping drinks with friends, listening to my favorite podcasts (Undisclosed & Serial Dynasty are fantastic), spending time outside with my family, listening to music, dancing in the living room with the kids, fiddling around with my camera or exploring Milwaukee.

BC3My children are a huge inspiration to me and they certainly keep me busy.  Brookelyn is 12 and loves to play volleyball, ski, participate in activities with her Girl Scout troop, spend time with friends and dreams of going to Paris one day. Cohen is a very active little 7 year old. He is a camo belt in Taekwondo, loves to read, climb trees, ski and pretend that he’s a super hero. Both kids love to travel and always look forward to going somewhere new, whether it’s taking a drive in Wisconsin to a town they’ve yet to visit or hopping on a plane to visit family back in California. Our family are big fans of Disneyland, having lived in Southern California. We used to spend time at the park at least once a month for years, so the kids miss it a lot.  They have big plans to one day drag Mom & Dad to Disney World.

I’ve been blogging for 6+ years at AlysonM. My posts cover anything from family, parenting, kids and anxiety to recipes, home decor, essential oils, discovering Wisconsin, printables, and so much more. I love to interact with readers via the blog, Twitter, Facebook and Twitter.


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