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It is common knowledge at my office that if a day involves thematic attire or food, I am likely the instigator or the first one in line. Celebrations are a part of who I am, be it a birthday, a new baby or the fact that it’s Friday. To me, great food and fellowship provide an incredible avenue to find fulfillment in life. As a mom, you have the opportunity to do that every single day — to break bread with the people you cherish most.

My journey to motherhood began when I moved to Wisconsin in 2008 and met my future husband, Jason. Before Jason, I wasn’t sure if children were part of the plan. I was young and focused on my goals, my desires, a world that didn’t include irregular sleep schedules or diaper changes. When I saw Jason teaching gym class to a happy, exuberant group offourth-graders, it felt like a lightbulb went off: sometimes you meet people that push your boundaries and change your perspective, allowing you to see what is possible. I was given a sneak peek at the life we could have together – a life filled with babies and love and all the sleepless nights I thought I never wanted.

We were married in 2012, and after enjoying some time just being “us,” we focused on starting a family. There are so many books and blog posts to read about pregnancy, but until you are in the thick of things, there isn’t a way to prepare for the emotions you face. I was as anxious as I was excited, frustrated and joyful. After a year of trying to get pregnant, we let go of our expectations and in doing so, found out I was expecting. Braden was born in 2014 and turned my world upside down. The challenging moments were frequent, and I didn’t do much without consulting Google or posing a question on Facebook. Despite battling postpartum depression, I eventually started to find my rhythm, to find the joy. And what could be more joyful than discovering the flu I thought was lingering turned out to be Braden’s little sister? 362 days after Braden was born, Brynn arrived and life forced me to give up on finding the “right” way to do things, and focus on raising my children, whatever that looked like.

Being a mom means giving my kids the best I can through the gifts I have always found most precious — time and love. Whether that means a morning spent pushing them around in laundry baskets, a trip to the farmer’s market or park, or letting them stay up past their bedtime to attend Jason’s basketball game, I want my children to know that their mom always tried her best.

I love so much about where I am in the world right now: my sweet family, a job that I am so passionate about, the community of people that I have been able to surround myself with. It is important to me, though, to always be exploring and pursuing the best version of myself, which is why I’m so excited about being part of MKE Mom’s Blog — to have a voice and learn from the voices of others.

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