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ThumbsFun fact about me: I don’t back down from dares. My husband learned that when he dared me to move to Guam. He thought I would say no and we would both go on our merry way. However, I moved to Guam six weeks later. I sublet my place, quit my job, sold my car, stashed all the belongings I couldn’t fit into four suitcases at my parent’s house, and I left.

It was the best decision of my life. I ended up marrying that man who, by the way, hasn’t dared me to do anything since that fateful night. After my husband got out of the Navy, we left Guam and moved our little family of three back to Milwaukee. We expanded our family with two more boys, and now we happily live as a family of five, along with three cats, one dog and four chickens.

GreenawaltFamilyPicI’m a first generation American, and most of my family lives in Croatia. Growing up Croatian, it’s important for me that my kids grow up knowing their family and Croatian as a second language. However, they’re lucky because I speak English, and they can sleep soundly knowing they won’t have to translate in the store (ahem, Mom). I realize how lucky my kids are with the technology that is available to them. They call their cousins and send video messages to them daily. They’re getting to know their cousins on a whole different level than I did. 

In-between caring for my family, I teach English to a whole other set of my “children” (even though they’re grown adults), run a website with my friend helping landlords find good tenants, and write. I’m an aspiring chef, therapist, fashionista, and avid shoe collector. I enjoy long walks to coffee shops, sprinkled in with places that serve wine, and if you really want to swoon me, do my laundry. I’m thrilled to be writing for MKE Moms Blog!

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