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Emily Schoenfelder

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I’m a city girl raising kids and designing toys on the East Side of Milwaukee. I was born and raised in Southeastern WI. After attending college at UW-Stout, I moved to Buffalo, NY to begin my career designing toys for Fisher-Price. I love design, I love kids…it was a perfect fit! I thought I would stay there a few years and then move on to a bigger city to design some other cool things. That plan was completely derailed when I met a funny guy in the marketing department.

Not long after Scott and I started dating, I casually let him know that I wanted six kids. Fortunately, he didn’t leave. But he is slightly more practical and talked me down to four. We had no idea what we were talking about because having kids, as it turns out, doesn’t always go as planned.

While we were trying to figure that out, I stumbled upon the Heart Gallery. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a photo display of “Waiting Children;” kids who don’t have a family and are hoping to be adopted. I remember standing there, in the lobby of the public library, staring at dozens of beautiful smiling faces. Crying big, messy tears. I just couldn’t grasp the idea that there are children growing up without a family. I still can’t.

Emily's awesome family

Photo Credit :: Stephanie Sanchez Photography

Not long after that, my daughter Ava was born. I left my corporate job and started doing freelance design work, trying to find that elusive work/life balance! Duncan showed up 2 years later. It wasn’t until we lost our third baby, mid-pregnancy, that I came back to the Heart Gallery. We wanted more kids and there were kids who needed a family. So we moved back to Milwaukee, bought a giant fixer-upper on the East Side and became Foster Parents. We have cared for a handful of wonderful kids, including our son Nicholai who we were thrilled to adopt last spring. We are currently fostering an adorable baby girl, and our kid total bounces around somewhere between 3 and 5. So pretty close to that original goal! Our life is a little crazy at times, but it’s our normal and we love it. 

I am passionate about Foster Care and about parenting in general. I also get pretty excited about growing food, riding bikes and reading books. I love a hot cup of tea and a good craft cocktail. And I love raising our kids in Milwaukee. I am so excited to share our chaos adventures with you as part of the MKE Moms Blog team!

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