Meet Erin

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. 

Growing up, I was intensely close with my mom. She was and still is my best friend and I knew that I wanted that same connection with my kids as I have with her.  After graduating high school however, I craved some independence and I made the move from Milwaukee to Chicago for college. I wondered for a bit, having no clue what I wanted to do in life outside of being a mom. I got an undergraduate degree in Child Psychology and followed it up with a Masters in Elementary Education, a degree I could see myself still using once having kids. Throughout college and grad school, I went from casually babysitting for extra cash to becoming a nanny. I learned the ins and outs of infancy thru early childhood, further solidifying my want to be a mom and establishing my obsession for all things baby including gear, clothing, safety and toys. 

I met the man of my dreams in grad school and we got married when I was 25. We decided to start a family right away and I came prepared, ovulation sticks in hand.  Month one passed and I got my first negative test. No big deal, shake it off and we will try next month. But then months 2,3 and 4 and then 5 and 6 all produced the same negative results. After running some basic blood tests and coming up empty, my OB recommended a fertility specialist.  The next few months were all a blur of blood tests, ultrasounds, and more specialists and we decided IVF was the best route to parenthood for us. We planned one last hurrah — a vacation to Italy.

A few weeks before leaving I thought I came down with the flu. After a few days, I decided I should take a pregnancy test just to be safe and there it was, a big fat plus sign. I spent our glorious Italian vacation touring bathrooms all around Rome and Florence between some spectacular site seeing.

Little did I know that this experience was only the beginning of motherhood — messy, not at all as you had planned, but amazing and magical none the less. 

Becoming a mother has been the most humbling experience of my life.  My two children challenge me, requiring me to constantly shift and grow. I can’t wait to share our crazy lives with all of you and pick up some great parenting tips along the way as a contributor for MKE Moms Blog.


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