Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

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I’m a woman on a mission and a perfectionist at heart. The one always striving to do better and do more. I’m filled with creativity, wanderlust and an entrepreneurial spirit and there’s no taming it at times. Though my unfortunate natural tendency is that of self-doubt and limiting beliefs, I work each day to be the best version of myself. Like every mother, I’m constantly juggling the demands of every day life. But, I am determined to make the absolute most of it.

I never knew just how incredibly full my heart and life could be until I became a mother. Sometimes, I think it could just burst. Motherhood gives life this beautiful new meaning.  Everything before it, all the troubles, worries and challenges, don’t seem to matter nearly as much. Motherhood gives me an inspired purpose. It raises my passion to be a better person and role model to a heightened level that I never knew existed. It is one of the most precious, treasured gifts I have ever been blessed with.

Earning that title of “Mom” was like I finally landed that job that I had always been searching for. The one that would fulfill me in every way possible. My daughters have my whole heart and their dad’s too. I love that my husband has become the most loving “girl dad” I could have ever imagined. Together, we are determined to raise our daughters to be patient, loving, kind, respectful, courageous, creative and compassionate. I know and understand the pressures of who girls and women are viewed as or should be. As I personally work to supersede those outside pressures, I do so for myself and for my daughters, because the purpose of being their mother has also raised my mantra of wellness (through the lens of self-love, positive thinking and healthful living) to a new level.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love motherhood. I love the power the title gives me. I love the moments it blesses me with. I love all of the love it surrounds me with. And, I love the tribe it has given me. All of you mommas out there, you are my tribe and I am so honored to navigate through this motherhood journey with you.


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