Milwaukee Buy-Sell-Trade to Faith-Hope-Love: The Story of Kidcycle


At first glance, the Shorewood Kidscycle Facebook group looks like every other neighborhood buy-sell-trade group. There are millions of these groups popping up across Facebook. Local families participate by buying, selling, and trading their gently used kids’ items – everything from furniture to toys, clothing, books and so on. I’m part of maybe three or four, myself. These groups make it convenient and affordable to raise a child on a limited budget. They also teach responsible consumerism by recycling and reusing children’s items that we all know cost way more than they should and, here in Wisconsin, are typically only used for a season.

But this isn’t a post about why you should join one of these groups or how to start one of your own. It’s a post about how a Milwaukee mom, and the community she’s created, turned “buy-sell-trade” into “faith-hope-love.”

IMG_5345Annie Monahan, Kidscycle’s founder, chief-admin and mother of five, started the group in July of 2014 while pregnant with her youngest and stuck with it after her son’s one months stay in the NICU after his arrival in late August. Annie is a Milwaukee native and former MPS teacher. She is one of the most positive, compassionate and empathetic souls that I have ever encountered. She works relentlessly (and for FREE, I might add) to make sure the site is a group where, yes, you can earn a little money but you can also pay-it-forward through acts of kindness and gestures of generosity. Her tireless work ethic and high standards are what helps make Kidscycle so successful.

Kidcycle is a place where magic happens every day. It’s a hyper-local community where “Love and Lift” is the mantra that is driven home daily by the founders and the members. It’s a place where families can go for advice on where to take their kids for dinner, find babysitters and childcare options, or to even find a new home or rental. It’s a place where moms can go to vent, look for a like-minded soul, or know that they aren’t alone. It’s a tried and true community made up of families who believe in something bigger than themselves.

So how did it become more than just a buy-sell-trade group? After Annie got wind of a family that had just received a cancer diagnosis, she decided that she was going to donate the proceeds from her sales towards the family in need. People caught on to what Annie was doing and all of a sudden this small gesture became more than just that. People began donating items, money, and more.

And then…someone posted about a library needing books and a group banded together to raise money. And then someone knew a family who lost their home in a fire, and another group of people came together to gather items for them. And then someone posted about #olivesbranches and the people on the site starting sharing ways to pay it forward through random acts of kindness and giving to one another. Clothing five families in need. Raising funds for a new preschool playground. I could go on and on. Just today as I am writing this, there are people actively working together to support a local family who just lost their mother and another who recently received a cancer diagnosis.

With this history of “loving and lifting” families across the greater Milwaukee area, it is clear that Kidcycle is making a significant impact in our community. It is definitely more—much more–than a place to find some new (to you) shoes or snow-pants for your kiddos.

While Kidscycle has done some amazing things to support Milwaukee in big ways, a lot of the gestures that take place on the site are simple everyday things: gifting a package of newborn diapers, offering to pick something up on an Ikea run, or helping someone find a missing lovey in a nearby park. These actions are the norm on Kidcycle and it’s these little things that make this hyper-local community so special.

And sure, it’s not always rosy. People are human. While of course there can be issues, Annie and her team of admins work adamantly to keep Kidscycle a positive and safe spot. Much of the time, they deal with the negativity, complaints, and even sadly, some ‘cyber bullying’ on their own. By continually reminding the group and its members that “love breeds love” and trying to stay optimistic themselves, the group continues to be a safe place for parents to feel lifted, supported, and loved in a digital age.

So what does the future of Kidscycle look like? Annie isn’t sure how it will change and grow because many parts of it have evolved organically due to circumstances at the time. But, her big dream would be to find a lawyer that could help her get non-profit status for the group and all of its philanthropies.

It’s rare that I go a day without mentioning Kidscycle and how my family has benefited from the generosity, affordability, and gestures that have come from this beloved community. In a time when I can get so bogged down in the intensity of motherhood, life and world events, Kidscycle has given me encouragement and a  reminder that there are still wonderful, generous people out there. I am so grateful to have Kidscycle as a part of my Milwaukee community.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Kidscycle or talking to Annie personally about starting your own group in your neighborhood please comment below and we will make sure to get you in touch!


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6 Responses to Milwaukee Buy-Sell-Trade to Faith-Hope-Love: The Story of Kidcycle

  1. Tricia January 27, 2016 at 7:28 am #

    Could you please post a link for the kidscycle group? I can’t find it on FB.

    • Sarah
      Sarah January 27, 2016 at 9:21 am #

      Thanks for your comment Tricia! The group isn’t “searchable” on FB, but you can feel free to contact Annie directly at [email protected] to request access to the group. Thanks!

  2. JuliaH January 27, 2016 at 8:54 am #

    Kidcycle is an amazing place! A million thank-yous to the wonderful Annie. And thanks to our other Admins too!

  3. Lori February 4, 2016 at 6:59 pm #

    I heard about Kidcycle thru Olive’s Branches. I’d love to join. Thank you!

    • Sarah
      Sarah February 4, 2016 at 7:01 pm #

      Thanks for your comment Lori! The group isn’t “searchable” on FB, but you can feel free to contact Annie directly at [email protected] to request access to the group. Thanks!

  4. Cindy Beimel February 22, 2018 at 6:30 pm #

    I read an article in the Milwaukee Journel about your organization. I also read about that young child that was injured. The doctors don’t seem to give him much hope. I would like to relate my story. I was injured in an automobile accident when I was under one years old. My parents were not allowed to see me after the accident. They were told I wasn’t going to live and they would have nightmares of how I looked. Well, I spent 3 months in the hospital. (under the care of some nuns). They really hated to see me leave. I had lost half of my brain from the accident. My mother was determined that I was one of Gods Children and everything was going to be ok. I excelled in school and even skipped a grade. I graduated in the upper 25% part of my class of 400. My dad wouldn’t allow me to go on to college. He said a girl didn’t need to go on to college. I am 76 years old now. Still no problems.
    When I was 55 years old I was involved in another accident. I was hit by someone that ran a stop light. The truck hit my little Escort car on the drivers side. They hit me at 45-50 miles an hour. When I had a CT exam the doctor said I would have to come back. His machine was broken! I asked to see what it showed. He said that half of my brain was empty and and this latest accident took away a little more. When I told him about the other accident, it made a lot of sense to him. I had learned everything on one side of the brain. This latest accident took everything away. I couldn’t talk, walk, or have control of my motions. I had to learn everything over. My doctor said, the one good thing is, all you need is 1/3 of your brain. I worked very hard to get myself back to normal. When I went to a survivors party I was hugged by the doctors and nurses. They couldn’t believe how well I came out. I will pray that little child does
    as well as I did. My heart goes out to him. With love and patience, he will be fine. Just don’t give up. I did it and so can he! Sincerely, Cindy Beimel

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