Milwaukee Celebrates National Adoption Day

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and we are so excited to celebrate in Milwaukee! 

In the Courtrooms

Families & friends of soon-to-be adopted kids will fill the courtrooms at Milwaukee’s Children’s Court on November 10th as Milwaukee celebrates National Adoption Awareness Month. There will be tears, laughter and lots of pictures taken to capture these memories. Little ones as young as 6 months old and kids about to age out of the foster care system will be surrounded by so many who love them anxiously awaiting their children to officially become theirs forever.

More families finalize their adoptions on that day than any other day. Last year 19 kids were adopted! In the courtroom, each of the kids’ case workers will testify to the child’s legal ability to be adopted. They will share their views on if this child or sibling group is in a safe, secure loving environment.

Soon to be adoptive parents will also testify about their willingness to love this child unconditionally. They will commit to provide for the child/children and confirm they understand adoptions are final. All legal responsibility will be theirs.

Most judges will welcome the child/children being adopted & their families up to bang the gavel as the judge officially finalizes their adoption. 

National Adoption Day in Milwaukee

The Coalition for Children, Youth and Families will be at the celebration handing out “Celebrate Adoption” pins. Their team will be decorating with balloons and being ready to resource adoptive families.  Each year The Coalition resources Milwaukee families who have adopted with family events, free resource library, and seminars/webinars. The Coalition also has parntered with Jockey Being Family who donate backpacks & other items for adopted kids. The Coalition’s presence reminds us that adoption is not the end of the story, but a second beginning. They are here to stand with adoptive families in our city. 

I have had the privilege of seeing over a dozen children be adopted – including five of my own. Each time has been profoundly moving, beautiful and such a relief for each family who has loved this child as their own. A child they adored as soon as they entered their home is now theirs. While adoption is not the goal of foster care, it is an unexpected blessing every time. 

I will never forget 8 years ago when my husband and I attended our first adoption. We fell in love with this little boy and his soon-to-be adopted family. We babysat for them for years. It was an honor to be invited that day. It was in that court room that we decided that someday we would adopt a child out of foster care.

How to Celebrate Adoptive Families YOU Know

There are so many ways to celebrate with families that have or are adopting. Here are a few of my favorites: 

  • Build A Bear Gift Cards so the kid could adopt a stuffed animal in honor of their adoption. 
  • Books about adoption! A Mother for Choco, The Family Book, It’s Okay To Be Different, or On the Night You Were Born. There are so many great books that talk about adoption. It is also great to add these to your own collection for your kids to understand more about adoption too! 
  • Donations! We have an incredible non-profit right here in Milwaukee: OneHope27! They provide bags of brand new clothes to kids entering foster care. You can donate new clothes, time or any amount to this wonderful organization who does so much for these kids and their families. 

To Learn More

We are so grateful for the ways people have loved us as we have grown our family by adopting out of foster care. To learn more about adopting out of foster care or becoming a foster parent in Milwaukee, I’d love to chat, meet up with you or you can always attend an informational meeting at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services or Saint A’s to learn more.

How are you going to celebrate National Adoption Day in Milwaukee this year?

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