The Best of MKE Moms Blog 2016

2016 is coming to a close! We wanted to share our 10 most popular posts that were published this past year. We hope you enjoy re-visiting them as much as we did!

Best of MKE Moms Blog

#10 – My Husband and I Don’t Have Sex


“I know exactly how many times we’ve had sex since we married. I know because we named those times. It’s easy because each time we’ve had sex since marriage, it’s resulted in a child. We only have two kids. Two times having sex since we got married.” – Anonymous

#9 – On Growing Our Family and Why We’ve Decided to Wait for #2


“I started to panic. Wasn’t I supposed to want this? Wasn’t this what we had talked about for so long? Why wasn’t I ready for this? I got anxious and emotional. I felt like there must be something wrong with me. I watched those around me talk about how they couldn’t wait for another baby and I just couldn’t connect. I felt ashamed and a bit jealous that I didn’t feel the same. This had been our plan for so long and now I just couldn’t wrap my head around following through.” – Chelsea B

#8 – To the Mamas in the Wake of Violence


“Just as there is so much darkness, evil, and lies in this world, I have the amazing opportunity to raise little humans as vessels of light, goodness, and truth. And I know that, scared as we are, sweet mama, you want to do the same. This is what we were made to do. We were meant to bring light into the darkness. And the thing about light is that it overcomes the dark.” – Heather L

#7 – The Prize in the Box


“This is the story of a pelvic exam gone horribly wrong. Have you ever purchased a box of the crap cereal for your kids simply because there was a toy inside they wanted? I know I have certainly fallen prey to the lure of the prize inside the box. At least when you open up the box of Lucky Charms and start digging around until the marshmallows make your hands all sticky, you do so with the intent of discovering this promised trinket. Let me tell you a story about another prize inside a box that was a bit more….unexpected.” – Anonymous

#6 – The Harmless Game that Almost Killed My Son


“Last summer, we packed our three kids in the minivan and hit the road to Michigan to spend a weekend hanging out at the lake with family. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine how close we would come to driving home with only two children.” – Sarah K

#5 – 5 Reasons I Lose It with My Kids


I “lose it” on my family much more than I would care to admit. I explode. I express my frustrations. I yell. I know it’s bound to happen. Friends and family assure me that “everyone does it,” that “being a mom is hard,” and that I need to “give myself grace.” And I do. But I also want to work on it. I want to do better. I’ve started asking myself “why?” and have come up with five main reasons why I “lose it” with my kiddos.” – Heather L

#4 – The Day CPS Visited


“In the 20 minutes I waited for the detective and social worker to arrive, I paced back and forth, trying to understand what was happening. I googled “what to do when CPS wants to talk to you,” and after reading a half dozen horrible stories about kids being taken from their parents and how parents need to “lawyer up” at the first sign of CPS, I put my phone down. I took a drink of water, but all I wanted to do was throw up.” – Anonymous

#3 – The $3 Potty Training Secret Weapon


“This potty training secret weapon is sweeping the nation and it costs only $3! It’s worked for these Milwaukee Moms and they can’t wait to tell you about it. If you are in the trenches of potty training, this is a MUST read.” – Heather L

#2 – I Will Always Want a Baby


“Generally speaking, it’s no one’s business what your uterus is up to at the moment. But if you must ask, and you happen to be asking me, I will tell you this: I will always want more babies. Having babies is addictive, a bit like the rush of getting your first tattoo or body piercing.” – Mariana S

And the top post for all of 2016 is……

#1 – When Your Husband Isn’t Romantic

husband isn't romantic

“Although I wanted to mourn the loss of the spontaneous, crazy and hopelessly romantic husband I was waiting for, I couldn’t. After over two decades of marriage, raising children, moving, changing jobs and being a grown up, I know now I didn’t need (or want) Prince Charming.” – Laura S

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