Mom of the Year Award Goes to….

And, the mom of the year award goes to….YOU.

Yes, you. I’m talking to you.

mom of the year

The one who feels like she’s not enough or could never be enough.

The one who fails day after day and can’t seem to get it all right.

The one who leaves laundry in the washer so long it may actually start growing mold. 

And the one who leaves it in the dryer so extra-long the clothes are excessively wrinkly by the time she gets it put away. Or just leaves it piled in baskets because putting it away is overrated.

The one who feels exhausted by breakfast time and can’t even fathom working out.

The one who feels like doctor appointments and errands are real chores.

The one who doesn’t even want to attempt Pinterest “Kids Activities” because it seems like so much effort for something she isn’t too good at anyway and the glitter is gonna get everywhere.

The one who purchased a store-made cake for her child’s birthday and totally ate a leftover piece for breakfast the next day.

The one who can’t wait to sneak away to get a few minutes alone on her phone.

The one cursing the lack of privacy in the bathroom or in life for that matter.

The one who would give just about anything to get a good night of sleep — including passing the children off to a trusted source to actually be able to do so.

The one who yelled at her child at Target, and Costco, and Trader Joes. And the pool. And the playground. And there was that one time at the zoo that nearly spooked the zebras.

The one who sometimes puts her kids in the car simply so she can go through a drive thru Starbucks and do something, anything for herself.

The one struggling to make it to the next nap time or bed time.

The one who feels like she doesn’t feed her kids healthy enough meals and agrees to far too many snacks throughout the day.

The one who fears she hasn’t signed her kids up for enough activities to deem him or her successful as a growing child. Or is so stressed out just from looking at the calendar and worries she is headed toward burnout.

The one who worries about what other moms think of her.

The lonely mom.

The mom who loses her cool more often than she’d like to admit.

The mom who thinks she’s just average.

The one who counts the books she’s read to her children that week and asked “is that enough?”

And the one who has shed tears, used the word failure and consulted every parenting resource known to man only to come out feeling unsuitable for this daunting task.

Mom of the YearThat mom, every mom… YOU, Mom. You are great and wonderful and mighty and perfect. You have bad days like everyone else and you do your best. I know I’ve written this before because motherhood sure can defeat you, but this time, this time I want to say something else: I nominate you. I vote for you. I applaud you. I award you. Mom, you are the winner.


It’s not an easy job, this motherhood thing. It’s probably the job you can feel like you fail the most at while actually being the most successful. And actually, you’ve got this. And you’ve got my award. 

Mom of the year? It’s you. You’ve earned it.

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