Motherhood Out Loud at Next Act Theatre {A REVIEW}

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Next Act Theatre in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. Admission was provided for the reviewer, but all opinions of the writer are her own.

Unlike a baby taking its time to learn how to walk, women are thrown into motherhood. One minute you go from a woman who’s got everything under control, and the next, you’re being watched by a nurse to make sure you can go to the bathroom on your own before you go home. Like life, you have certain expectations of what motherhood should be like.

And then you become one. 

Motherhood001 - Photo Timothy Moder

Photo Credit :: Timothy Moder

In a world full of expectations and every day anxieties, motherhood is an empowering, albeit, exhausting position. You get to make your own rules and everyone has a different way of doing it. Under the direction of Laura Gordon at Next Act Theatre; four actors — Deborah Staples, Michelle Lopez-Rios, Tami Workentin, and Doug Jarecki — EXPERTLY act out fourteen extraordinary playwrights’ journeys celebrating all facets of parenthood. Motherhood Out Loud has something to offer for anyone who has experienced any stage of motherhood.  

Motherhood Out Loud‘s opening scene brings us back to basics. The angst, the pain, and the excitement of giving birth. The foul language that enters your head and often exits your mouth. The first visitors coming and then the loneliness that can set in when those guests (that you are sick of being in your house) actually leave. From there, we are taken on a wild rollercoaster of park visits, sex-ed, first dates, learning curves, graduation, holidays, college, marriage, and then finally, birth and the cycle of life starts all over again. 

Motherhood009 - Photo Timothy Moder

Photo Credit :: Timothy Moder

By offering so many viewpoints, Motherhood Out Loud doesn’t give us a small insight into motherhood, rather a large, vast scale of many different kinds of moms. We see immigrant moms, helicopter moms, military moms, gay partners, and those who just try to survive. Motherhood Out Loud is an exploration and celebration of moms who show us that regardless of parenting styles, moms come together and experience the same kinds of situations.  

We are witnessed to a mother’s worry about her son going to the military, relive a mother’s angst the moment when she realizes her son is transgender, and a gay couple’s hilarious experience using a surrogate. So many people can relate to a immigrant mother who tries to explain to her daughter what a period is, a stressed mom who tries to mimic sex-ed at home with a condom and a banana, and two older mothers talking in a bridal shop about the gains and losses of when their children marry. 

Motherhood008 - Photo Timothy Moder

Photo Credit :: Timothy Moder

Motherhood Out Loud brings out all the emotions: laughter, shock, anger, tears, heart ache, and above all happiness. You’ll leave excited to go home to hug your children and breathe in their scent because you realize that an entire lifespan can be covered in two hours.  

This joyous, funny, beautiful soul-reviving play runs April 7-May 7, 2016 at Next Act Theatre in Walker’s Point. Ticket prices range from $28-$38 with a special “Pay-What-You-Can” night on Monday, April 25, at 7:30pm. Tickets can be purchased by calling the ticket office at 414-278-0765 or ONLINE.


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We’ll see you at the theatre! 

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