New Year, New You :: 9 Ways to Renew in 2016 {GIVEAWAY!}

First of all, congrats to every mommy out there for making it through the holidays! With that behind us, I, like many of us, find the new year a great time to find something out there to refresh myself. This year is NO exception being that I’m a new mom and renewal of my mind and body is more critical than ever (#8 is my actual resolution.) Here are some ideas to help you consider a resolution that is (hopefully!) reasonable, fun, and renewing for you. 

1. Get around other mommies. Sometimes mamas can get caught up in a despondent mentality of “no one really gets the challenges of my life” pit and forget that there are other mommas out there spending their days in a similar fashion. My spirit feels genuinely renewed when I get around other women who are, like me, just trying their best to survive the crazy and be a good mother. I personally had a blast at our recent shopping event at Lizzibeth, where we perused the shop’s cute stylish finds together all whilst drinking apple cider sangria. I mean, does it get any better than that? Come out and join us at our next event! I would love to meet you.


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2. Take something off your plate. Is cleaning the house the bane of your existence? Does grocery shopping make you mad? Why not try to take a little bit off your plate this year with some of today’s latest (and greatest) businesses that seem specifically designed to give us parents a break including (but not limited to) a home cleaning or grocery delivery service. Brewer’s Organics, Door to Door Organics, and Peapod all deliver groceries to you. With Sendik’s Express, you can shop online for your groceries and then they assemble your order and bring it right to your car! As for cleaning services, there are a plethora of options depending on where you live in the greater Milwaukee area. The time you save on one or both of these routine duties equates to more time with your family or doing something else you love.

3. Put something good on your plate, literally. Yes the dieting/exercise New Year’s resolutions are as cliche as they come, but they wouldn’t be popular without good reason. When life gets crazy, it is often our eating or activity that gets the boot first, so it is time to get back on the train to a healthier you, not just to look good, but rather to feel good about yourself. We love The Barre Code for a fun workout experience that you’ll definitely feel in the morning! They have studios in both Milwaukee and Brookfield and we have a special event exclusively for MKE Moms Blog readers at the Brookfield studio on Wednesday, January 20th we would love to see you at! Our first event at the Third Ward location was an absolute blast. Another fun local fitness class that helps you get moving and gets you around other moms is Fit4Mom in Brookfield. Megan, a fellow contributor, recently wrote about her experience with Fit4Mom. This sounds like a win-win to me. 

4. De-clutter your closet. Have a friend over for an evening to sip wine and go through your closet. Get rid of everything you don’t need or that makes you feel frumpy, too old, or too young. Keep only what you LOVE. Plan a future shopping trip with said friend to get a few new items. Then switch and help her out too!

5. Explore a new interest or hobby. I’ve had a hankering to try throwing pottery for years, so a friend and I are going to take a local class. Sparrow Collective is just one local studio that offers classes and workshops on a variety of crafts that might pique your interest or uncover a hidden hobby. Mixology, hand lettering, knitting, heck, even horticulture class…the possibilities are pretty much endless with the internet these days.

6. Apply for a job. If you are feeling “stuck” in your current position or circumstances, applying for new jobs can help you see there are other opportunities out there and that your life can look pretty different only a few months down the road. This doesn’t have to be a career change (it can be though!) but maybe you have wanted to work a day or two a week at Ann Taylor LOFT (my personal dream part-time aspiration). No better time than the present to go for it!

7. Update the exterior. While your appearance may ultimately be less important to renew than your internal state, a lot of times refreshing your look can restore some self-confidence that has been lost amidst repeated days of throwing your hair in a top knot just to get out the door on time. I mean, do I even know how to do my hair anymore? Time to go out and get a new do. And while you’re at it, why not pay for an additional 30 minutes or so to have your stylist teach you ways to style your new cut or show you a few new tips for making your eye makeup look fabulous? Maybe it’s just me, but I appreciate some personal guidance a heck of a lot than watching youtube tutorials (i.e. how on earth did she just do a quadruple french braid in 2 minutes?) The gals from Tailored Salon do a fabulous job of this! 


Photo cred: Vanessa Wyler Photography

8. Invest in self-care. Perhaps this year you just need more YOU time. Maybe that means scheduling a massage or pedicure once a month or once every other month. Or how about buying a pass to go to a yoga class every Saturday AM when the kids are at home with your hubby? Self-care is the anchor of maternal sanity and should not be overlooked. One of the best books out there right now on how you can find time for self-care, even in the busiest of schedules, is The Fringe Hours by Jessica N Turner. It’s not about DOING more, but about being more intentional with the time you already have to make investments in your own wellbeing and doing the things you love. 

9. Hire a life coach. I get it, this sounds extreme. But, if you’re really feeling like you’re in a rut, talking to someone who can help you discover your unique gifts and calling could be incredibly beneficial. I’ve never personally met with a life coach, but I know friends who have who have felt SO encouraged to try new things or make changes in their lives.

I hope this list inspires you to find a New Year’s resolution that really fits you and what you need most in 2016.

What other ideas do you have to be renewed in 2016?


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