A Parent’s Plea to High School Pranksters

school-417612_640Editor’s Note :: Today, for the third day in a row, a Milwaukee area high school was evacuated due to bomb threats. In light of recent events at schools across the nation, we realize this is a very serious topic that cannot be brushed off and we want to make sure we approach this topic with sensitivity while also acknowledging the frustrations many area parents are feeling in light of these evacuations. Today we are sharing the perspective one one local parent whose children attend this particular school district. 

Hey Kids,

Look, I know it may seem cool to get out of school, even if it’s only for a few hours. But as a mom, an educator, and a grown adult, hear me well.

I want you to try to understand the harm that’s being caused by these acts. For the past two days, my phone keeps going off because the news has reported a school is being evacuated due to bomb threats. I understand that you have realized that bomb threats are the popular way to get out of school now. Perhaps you had a test you didn’t want to take, or maybe it’s because the weather is finally nice. Maybe you were dared by your peers, but trust me, your life will go by much easier if you find other pranks that aren’t nearly as dangerous, or fear-mongering. 

By making these threats that force the school to close, you are doing irreparable damage. The culture of fear you are creating in an environment where one is supposed to be safe is causing trauma and unnecessary fear in others — certainly in parents, but especially in your fellow classmates. Those who don’t have safe homes to go to rely on school for a stable environment where they can strive and feel protected. Many are dealing with stresses and fear at home that no child should ever have to deal with and school is their place of refuge. You want to help your classmates succeed, help them grow, and help each other learn. By creating a dome of fear, students are pushed to worry about things they shouldn’t be worried about. They are forced to grow up too fast.

Or maybe there is something else going on at school that has YOU feeling unsafe, so you are resorting to extreme measures to avoid being there? It’s also possible that this is nothing more than an attention-seeking prank.

Whatever the motivation, your fellow students, the parents, and your community at large have had enough.

When the police do find out who reported the fake bomb threats, please understand you will be in trouble. Think about the future, even if it seems light years away. I realize you may claim this is nothing but a prank, but is the future really something to mess with for a few minutes of hi-jinx? I would venture to say no, and I wish you could look into your future to see it’s not. I know the temptation to satisfy the funny bone in you is strong, but think about the long-term effects it has, not only on you, but to everyone else attending school with you.

For the most updated information on the recent school evacuation and closings, check out this new story from Fox 6. As of this writing, classes had been cancelled for today as well as Thursday. 


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2 Responses to A Parent’s Plea to High School Pranksters

  1. Evan Kooiman March 9, 2016 at 1:02 pm #

    Unfortunately, i think we’ll find out that the kid or kids who did this don’t have the level of empathy needed to want their fellow students to have success or be happy in school. All they care about is their own little world with their blinders on to everything else. It’s too bad that there is a certain number of kids in every school that are like that.

    • Dolores
      Dolores March 9, 2016 at 6:01 pm #

      Thank you for your reply, Evan! They may not see the damage now, but hopefully their level of empathy grows as they get older and learn more. We can only hope they choose to stop after this.

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