5 Photography Tips for New Moms

When a newborn enters your life, suddenly there is a whole new star of the show and it’s hard not to want to capture every moment. Our photography partner Vanessa Wyler is joining us today with 5 expert tips on how to make the most of those photo opportunities with your newborn. Vanessa provided a complimentary newborn session for our models, the darling Selah and Mercy, newborn twins of MkeMB contributor Heather! 

Look for the light

Look for spots in your home that are well lit. Window light and natural light are best. But also look for areas where you can capture some moodier details and shadows, or the sun streaming through the windows will add some haze.


Capture the Small Details

The little toes (painted or not), their sometimes flaky hands, their little noses. 


Embrace the Crazy and Mess

Even the empty bottles, diapers, changing stations, little clothes everywhere tell a story. Let your photos tell a story of the time in your life when you first brought home your baby or expanded your family by one or two! 


Mama, Get in the Frame

Whether you use a timer, wireless remote, or bribe someone else to take the photo, make sure to capture the sweet moments between you and your baby – feeding, burping, changing a diaper, it’s all little details you won’t want to forget and it all goes by sooo fast!


Don’t Stop

Each day your baby is a little older or does something new, don’t forget to get out that camera often to capture the crazy, the small details and yourself in the frame. 



Here’s what Heather herself had to say about her session with Vanessa:
Our session with Vanessa was such a pleasant surprise. Having never experienced a “lifestyle” photo shoot before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. We were running late that morning and I hadn’t even finished drying my hair (or run a brush through my one year old’s) when Vanessa showed up on our doorstep. It didn’t seem to phase her in the least. She just smiled, took out her camera, and asked if I cared if she just started to take pictures as we continued to get ready. I looked at the chaos around me and hesitated for a moment, then thought, “Why not?”  It didn’t take long for us to basically forget Vanessa was there. Honestly, it felt no different than our usual Saturday morning routine. Hanging out, playing games, reading books, getting snacks for the kids… and all the while Vanessa just hung out and snapped pictures. It was natural and comfortable. And the results speak for themselves.
When I opened the gallery a week later, I knew in an instant that Lifestyle photography had become my new favorite. It was impossible not to smile and laugh and cry as I poured over what was really a very realistic snapshot into the rhythm of our life. There was nothing perfect or posed or polished about it at all, but for THAT reason it was even MORE beautiful than I thought possible. Vanessa had caught the essence of our lives… the crazy, the commotion, and the chaos we brought these two beautiful baby girls into, and the way she captured it within the walls of our 1300 square foot home made me sit back and realize just how stunningly beautiful that chaos really is. People continually remind me that due to sleep deprivation, this season of life will likely be a blur of a memory. All the more reason I know we will treasure Vanessa’s snapshot of this beautiful season for a lifetime to come. Thank you, Vanessa!

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  1. Tara Buchner February 17, 2016 at 6:38 pm #

    Beautiful Ella Marie is a Valentines baby! She was born 2/14/16 at 9:10 pm. She decided to come join the world 4 weeks before her due date! She is healthy and beautiful! We would love the chance to win a photography session with Vanessa!!! Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Sarah
      Sarah February 19, 2016 at 3:30 pm #

      Thanks for the comment, Tara! I’ve added you to the Facebook comments to get you entered. Good luck!

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