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Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Palermo’s Pizza. Compensation and product was provided for this post, however we love telling our readers about local businesses we truly love and Palermo’s is a perfect example!

Palermo's PizzaI’m not gonna lie. My little family has consumed *more* than our fair share of frozen pizza in the past several months since the arrival of our twins. Let’s face it: it’s easy, it’s affordable, it holds nutritional value, and there is NEVER a complaint from the proverbial “peanut gallery” when pizza is on the menu. Throw a pizza on the table, and everyone is happy. Instead of spending the dinner hour bribing my children to eat, we are able to focus on enjoying one another and engaging in meaningful conversation, together as family.

Pizza Unites. 

That simple phrase encapsulates the Palermo’s Pizza mission. On a recent Palermo’s Pizza Factory Tour, I was extremely impressed, not only by the quality of the Palermo’s product, but also by the passion of the people behind it. 

Entering the Palermo’s Pizza factory, you quickly discover this isn’t your run-of-the mill food production plant. Far from the more industrial vibe I was expecting, every part of the facility is warm, inviting, and exceptionally clean. The mile-wide smiles and enthusiasm found with every employee encounter screams, “there’s something different about this place.” 

The tour begins with an informative-while-entertaining video presentation explaining the history, mission, and specifics of the Milwaukee-based company and the pie it is famous for. The friendly tour guides invite guests to dance along as they explain the pizza-making process and what makes Palermo’s unique. My kids were engaged and attentive throughout, a testament to the captivating nature of the tour. 

Palermo's Pizza

Buddy Bear enjoying his pizza loot. He enjoyed the tour more than anyone, I believe! 

After our tour, we were escorted to Pizzaria 3301, the onsite Pizzaria at Palermo’s headquarters, where we had the opportunity to sit down with Laurie Fallucca, Chief Creative Officer (and member of the Palermo’s Pizza founding family) to learn more about what makes Palermo’s Pizza so special.

As we enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch, Fallucca communicated both through words and enthusiasm that Palermo’s is not merely a business that makes pizzas: Palermo’s is a family business dedicated to serving families, both through its product (in giving people a good meal to eat as a family) and through its profit (through giving back to the community). 


Although Palermo’s has been around for over 50 years, they continuously work to deliver an ever-improving product to their customers. For example, Palermo’s takes pride in delivering the first ultra-thin crust pizza on the market, the Primo Thin Pizza. Recognizing the consumer desire for a healthy option in the freezer section, Palermo’s recently redeveloped their recipe for the Primo Thin, now featuring an crispy crust with no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. With the Primo Thin, not only can families put food on the table that everyone will enjoy, but they can do so knowing they are giving their family something with true nutritional value.

Beyond that, Palermo’s holds great pride in their social mission in caring for their employees, community, and the environment. Palermo’s is a company focused on intentionally giving back. During our conversation, Fallucca cited that 1 in 7 Wisconsinites is food insecure. Palermo’s is dedicated to being a part of the solution to food insecurity. Since January 1st, over 230,000 pizzas have been donated to food banks in Wisconsin alone. Additionally, Palermo’s is continually looking for practical ways to help those in need. Easter Baskets For the Hungry is one such initiative. This Easter, Palermo’s assembled and distributed 1500 bins filled with Easter dinner as well as enough food to feed a family of four for an entire week to those in need. Falluca noted that while they are proud of the things they are doing, they are always looking for bigger and increasingly effective ways they can give to help families in our communities. 


1915760_10154004888134717_3788358700998823662_n (From Hunger Task Force)

I walked away from my time at Palermo’s not only with a belly full of delicious pizza, but also inspired, excited, and encouraged – not quite what you’d expect from touring a pizza factory. True to Italian hospitality, I left feeling like part of the Palermo’s family. I would certainly say they achieved their “Pizza Unites” motto through the communication of their mission to me during our time together. I’m happy to be united to the Palermo’s mission any time I visit the freezer section of my grocery store, giving my support to a company who’s mission is just as delectable as their mouth watering pizzas. 

One way Palermo’s invites every customer to be a part of the Palermo’s community is through their online resource, “La Famiglia”. This FREE online resource offers coupons, recipes, invitations to special events, and insider info about what this Milwaukee-home company is up to. 

You don’t need a special invite to experience the Palermo’s Pizza Factory Tour! Be sure to check out their website to see the wide variety of tour packages available. A summer must-do with your family! 


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