#RealMomMoments :: Mornings


5:00 AM: (alarm goes off) I tell myself to get out of bed and head downstairs to workout.

5:15 AM: I tell myself to get out of bed and head downstairs to workout.

5:35 AM: I reset the alarm for 6:30 AM, this morning workout is NOT happening.

6:20 AM: (soft cries from Cash-mans room) YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  It’s as if he knows my alarm is going to go off in 10 minutes.  I throw off the covers and head downstairs to get a bottle.  Husband gets up and heads down with me to feed the two fur children, because once they see your eyes crack even a little, you’re done for.  They are creepy similar to actual children, except I don’t think actual children lick your face (well maybe they do).

6:30 AM: Bottle has been taken down, bed sheets changed (because these nighttime diapers don’t stand a chance against this kid), clothes on, and now time for MomSnuggles to get ready.  But apparently, Mom getting ready wasn’t on his agenda.  Hugs and snuggles are, however.  So FINE, I snuggle this cute, adorable, amazing little human because I’m going to get him from Auntie Fran’s today and he’s going to have grown like a foot and will probably be reading Harry Potter or something…I’m not an extremist or anything.

What time is it? 

7:00 AM: NOT lunch time and clearly we both were a little too entrenched in Bubble Guppies.  It is time to get serious.  T-minus 45 minutes and I still haven’t showered, shaved or….anything else.  Oy.

7:08 AM: I step out of the shower to find all the washcloths on the floor, hair ties sprawled out, a few vanity drawers open. After doing a quick sweep of the bathroom I hear Husband’s voice from the bedroom saying, “Cash, no.  No, Cash.  Cash, no”.  I walk into the bedroom and see the Tasmanian Devil running around chasing the dogs and smacking them with his toothbrush at the same time pulling all the baseball caps off the shelf and flinging my shoes out of the closet.  How he gets from point A to point B so quick is #mindblowing.  What did I put in this kids milk this morning?

7:30 AM: I’m dressed and I have my face on.  I do a quick sweep, picking up all the hats and throwing the shoes back in the closet as Husband throws some food in our lunch bags.

7:40 AM: I run my stuff out to the car and come back in to give kisses.  As I open the door, there he is, just starring at me.  He smiles and runs away, his bottom drooping down to his ankles.  His scent wafts towards me.  I make a quick assist for Husband and head out the door.

8:15 AM: I made it to work.  I sit down, turn the computer on and scratch an itch on my leg only to realize I forgot to shave.  #thestruggleisreal

As a first time Mom I feel like I navigate through the mornings like Bambi trying to navigate ice. Bambi finally masters it, I’m hoping I can too. Here’s to the moms who are working on mastering the morning, afternoon, evening and the in-between.

Life is messy, love every minute of it.

8:30 PM: Workout done.


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