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Side Zip Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are a necessary tool for breastfeeding mamas. We need easy access to our mammaries, but the sizing, comfort, support, and ease of use of the average nursing bra leaves a lot to be desired. Enter the Side Zip Nursing Bra. Created by a Wisconsin Mom and entrepreneur, the Side Zip Nursing Bra opens from the center and the cups move to the side to prevent wet cups. MKE Moms Blog contributors Shauna and Meg gave the Side Zip Nursing Bra a try to see how it measured up to their nursing needs.

Get to Know the Side Zip Nursing Bra!


S: I ordered the bra in my normal/ non-engorged boob size 34DD and found that the fit was perfect. Snug enough, with a bit of give for fluctuation in breast size throughout the day. I love the width of the straps: they stay in place and don’t dig into the skin. I found the style and fit to be the most flattering soft cup nursing bra I have worn.

M: Whenever it comes to bras, I grit my teeth because it’s rare that companies carry my size. I was thrilled to find that Side Zip carries my size of a 40G. It fits wonderfully and never slips up my back. The wide straps stay put without digging into my shoulders. The material is soft and feels luxurious. It is the most supportive nursing bra I’ve ever worn, and it made my, ahem, assets look the best they have in months.


S: The fabric is super breathable and dries very quickly if you do have any leaking. It is comfortable enough to sleep in, but also provides enough support to keep everything in place for daytime wear without underwire.

M: This is a comfortable bra that stays put all day long. I love the soft fabric, the straps, and the band that is supportively snug without pinching or chafing.


S: It is fashioned with an invisible zipper which blends seamlessly into the design and can not be seen from outside of your clothing. As recommended, I ran the zippers open and shut to try to loosen them up a bit prior to wearing. There is a flap of fabric that you need to make sure sits in place behind the zipper to prevent accidental “zippage” of the goods. After wearing the bra for a few weeks I can unzip both sides of the bra with one hand, but closing it still takes two hands as I have to make sure everything is in place.

M:  The zipper closure under the cups is discreet and secure. It didn’t take too long to get used to the zipper, but I accidentally got my skin caught in it once! It’s way easier to open than it is to close, which is good because hungry babies hate to wait!


S: For pumping, this bra is a dream! It was amazing to have the cups open up to expose the whole breast. This allowed me to strap my hands-free pumping bra right over the top of the Side Zip. Typically if I try to put my pumping bra over the top of other brands of nursing bras, the folded down cups get in the way of the breast pump shields which can cause spills or a weak seal. As far as the access for nursing, I found myself leaving the hooks in the enter unclipped for the majority of the day. That way it was easy to slide my breasts in and out of the cups for frequent nursing sessions during the day and kept me from having to undo and redo the center hook and eyes a million times.

M: Access was my least favorite aspect of the Side Zip Nursing Bra. There are hook and eyes closures down the center and then the zippers go underneath the cups. The hooks were cumbersome and fussy to open and close when I had my kids running around and a wiggly baby in my arms. It’s hard to imagine fastening the zippers and hooks without providing quite a show if one needed to nurse in public. That said, when I worked full time and was pumping more than I was actually putting a baby to my breast, this bra would have been my total jam, as it is great for pumping and has the most flattering fit of any nursing bra I’ve tried.

In summary, we think that the Side Zip Nursing Bra is a unique alternative to the conventional nursing bra.

Side Zip Nursing Bra

It would be a dream for a momma who is predominantly pumping. It provides the complete exposure of the breast that you really need to have a good pump session, especially while dual pumping handsfree. Also, for working moms who are pumping on the go, the Side Zip would keep everything in place and looking good during the workday while still providing the wide open access that you need to be able to pump. Both contributors hesitate to recommend this as an everyday bra to a brand new momma who is frequently feeding a very impatient newborn, as it takes a bit of work to gain breast access. That said, it is a great tool to provide some serious skin to skin time as your front can be virtually fabric free with an unclip and unzip. Meg has an eight-month old who only nurses 3-4 times during the day and isn’t terribly impatient, so the Side Zip Nursing Bra has been a great “fancy” bra for her when she needed the “girls” to look their best. Shauna has a five-month-old who nurses more frequently during the day so keeping the bra semi-opened was her best option. It transitioned seamlessly into work where she pumps.

All in all, since breastfeeding moms are often dissatisfied with the overwhelming majority of nursing bras on the market, the Side Zip Nursing Bra offers an exciting answer to our prayers. 

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