A Step by Step Guide to Your Child’s Best Dental Health with Third Coast Family Dental

Before school, before sports, before camps and extracurriculars, one of the most meaningful ways you can encourage your child for a lifetime of success is through their smile.

milwaukee dentistThe team at Third Coast Family Dental is inspiring families to celebrate their smiles together with teeth-healthy tips for the whole family.

  1.  From Baby Steps To Baby Teeth

Just because your baby doesn’t have teeth, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about their dental health! To clean small mouths where baby teeth haven’t come in yet, use a damp cloth to gently wipe the gums and remove debris. Small healthy steps like this are especially helpful during breastfeeding to clear away liquid that would otherwise rest on the gums for long periods of time.

  1.  Have First Teeth Come In? Lead By Demonstration.

It’s never too early to teach your kids the importance of brushing and flossing! Making good dental hygiene a routine in your household is a great motivator to take care of smiles of all ages and set a positive example for your children. Families that brush together, smile together!

  1.  Make Brushing Fun!

These days toothbrushes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors — some even play your child’s favorite songs or resemble their favorite cartoon character! The next time you make a run to the grocery store, have your child select the toothbrush they like most that they will feel empowered and excited to use! For more interactive fun, look up a catchy toothbrush song online that you can sing with them as they brush.

  1.  Healthy Diet for Happy Teeth

Excellent dental health includes a healthy diet! Did you know apples are considered a go-to natural teeth cleaner? Unlike sticky processed snacks, fruits and veggies work hard at scraping away plaque and debris and won’t leave debris of sugars and carbohydrates behind.

  1.  No More Fruit Juice Before Bed!

Juice and milk before bed can increase risks of developing tooth decay when children fall asleep with traces of these liquids in their mouths. A whole night is a long time to leave traces of sugars or acidic juice on the teeth! Water is always recommended for children before heading to bed.

  1.  Don’t Toss The Floss!

Flossing is an essential part of a dental care routine. When children learn to floss at an early age, they are more likely to form a good habit out of the routine. For the whole family to discover the fun in flossing, find floss picks that come in fun styles and with characters!

  1.  Make Regular Appointments To The Dentist

The first visit to the dentist can be the most important! Taking your child in to see the dentist for the very first time sets the tone for how they will perceive the dentist and their dental care for the rest of their lives. Early visits establish a positive relationship with your dentist and helps treat and solve any dental issues while they’re small.

  1.  Use Toothpaste With Fluoride To Keep Breath Fresh!

Kisses from our kids are our favorite (even the wet ones)! To keep little smiles healthy and happy, dentists recommend using toothpaste with fluoride to make teeth stronger while fighting bad breath. It protects natural tooth enamel and helps to prevent cavities. Most children’s toothpaste brands contain safe amounts of fluoride.

  1.  Introduce Rewards

You can promote good dental hygiene by introducing rewards for practicing healthy dental habits.  Encourage your child to participate in your dentist’s Cavity Free Club! By positively reinforcing a healthy dental hygiene routine, your child will come to enjoy brushing their teeth.

  1. Persistence Is Key!

As your child gets older having a consistent nightly routine may become more challenging. By setting an example at an early age, you can ensure that dental hygiene will be a priority for your child throughout life. Set aside five minutes each night to brush your teeth with your child, schedule regular dentist appointments and reward your child for making good dental decisions! Over time, your child will recognize the importance of good dental hygiene.

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At Third Coast Family Dental, Dr. Sarah Blair and her team love to care for smiles of all ages with gentle dentistry in a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Every day is a chance for us to see smiles brighten and hearts warm when we build relationships together within our West Allis community.

Talk to Dr. Blair today at Third Coast Family Dental in West Allis if you would like to schedule an appointment for your family. Our team looks forward to your call at (414) 327-2700!



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  1. Derek Dewitt January 30, 2018 at 7:36 am #

    I have been trying to get my kids to brush their teeth more and more, so thanks for the tips on encouraging them. I like your point about making brushing fun by getting them a toothbrush they like. I bet a themed character would really help make it more exciting, so I’ll have to try this.

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