Why I Brag on Facebook

_MG_8461This was the score in the last minutes of my son’s basketball game this weekend. Unfortunately, we were NOT the guest team.

When I got home I wanted to post pictures from the game, but I have a personal rule I didn’t want to break. As a writer, blogger and public speaker, I want to be authentic, honest and genuine. I never want to come across on Facebook, in a blog or in life like I’m a perfect mom because Lord (and my kids) know, I’m far, far from it.

But I decided I was going to put my son’s pictures on Facebook after all. I was going to brag about my boy knowing his team had been decimated. I was going to hashtag proudmama. Why?

Because that score didn’t reflect the game I saw.

_MG_8457While my son’s team was getting creamed I saw my boy play his heart out until the final buzzer. I saw him rush over to help an opposing team’s player up when he went down hard. I saw him encourage others whether he was playing or sitting the bench. I heard him thank his little sister for coming to his game, even though it was a humiliating loss.

Although we do not want to be that obnoxious bragging mom on Facebook who posts pictures of her children every five minutes (ten is okay, but five crosses a line), I believe we can use social media for teachable moments. Whenever we have the chance to celebrate our kids’ character, when we can applaud their heart whether they won or lost, whenever we can point out how they loved well when it was difficult, we need to jump on the opportunity.

I asked my son for permission to share the score of his game. He concurred but said I had to also mention he made TEN three point shots in the tournament (so he didn’t look like a total loser). Although I still haven’t trained my kids not wash their whites with darks, that the floor is not where their clothes belong and that ketchup does not constitute a vegetable, as far as their character is concerned, so far, so good. And that is something to be celebrated regardless of the score.

I will probably not remember what notes my children hit at the recital, what piece they memorized for forensics or what place they finished in the spelling bee.  I will however, be forever grateful for the caring, loving and strong adults they will prayerfully continue to grow up to be. 

Post those pictures, Mom and teach your children you are paying attention to their heart, ability to persevere and how they respond to adversity. That’s using Facebook honestly, wisely and strategically and that is parenting with the end in mind.

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