Copycat Colectivo Baked Oatmeal Recipe :: Warm Eats for Cold Days

When my little family lived in North Carolina, one thing I ALWAYS looked forward to in our visits “home” to Milwaukee was a morning (or five) at Colectivo Coffee Roasters. I love everything about Colectivo: the coffee, the atmosphere, the friendly staff, the coffee, the baked goods, the music, the coffee, the COFFEE, the COFFEE. Then we moved back […]

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Sunset What Should I Say

Working Mother Part 2: What to Say

This is Part Two in a series about working mothers. Part One addresses the “How do you do it?” question that is often asked. Today, Jess talks about what to say to encourage a working mom.  Now that I’ve been a mom for a while (six years, two months and a bunch of days) and […]

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The Good Life :: Downtime at Bath-time

Downtime – (noun) a time of reduced activity or inactivity ( I remember downtime.  There was early morning downtime after I worked out. The mid-morning downtime when I caught up with my co-workers after arriving at the office. The late afternoon downtime. The after work, after dinner, after whatever I wanted downtime. I had so much […]

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Turkey Break

We have so much to be thankful for. Since our launch in September, moms from across the Milwaukee area have welcomed us into their lives (and their Facebook timelines!) and embraced the vision we have here for connecting moms and loving our city by loving on its people. Part of being able to love people […]

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5 Tips for Traveling with Older Kids

This is the fourth in a series about Traveling with Kids. As we approach the hectic travel of the holiday season, we hope you will find these tips useful. Check out all the previous posts, including tips for traveling with babies and toddlers. Traveling with older kids can be all sorts of exciting. And I’m not talking […]

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