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Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by ChoreMonster, a free app designed to help families simplify chores and make them fun for kids. Our review and opinions are completely our own. 

Chores with ChoreMonsterI never pondered what it would be like to start my day hearing the gentle, distant hum of the vacuum being run downstairs in the living room while I was brushing my teeth.  I knew I was groggy in the morning, but on this particular morning as I peaked my head out of the bathroom, I not only saw my 4th grader vacuuming the living room floor, but he was starting to vacuum the STAIRS too!  Was I having a vision?!  Was I still sleeping?!  Trying to fully absorb what I was seeing, I looked into my sons’ room only to find my 2nd grader busily making his bed.  On sight of me, he rapid-fire assured me, “Mom, I already put all my dirty clothes down the laundry chute and made sure all my clean clothes are in their correct spots.  So, I’m just finishing making my bed. Then, I’ll go tidy up the dining room table.” 

WHAT?!?  WHAT was HAPPENING!?!?  I hadn’t even SPOKEN yet.  I’d just gotten out of my bed, walked to the bathroom, and evidently crossed over into The Twilight Zone!  What could have compelled these two small humans to clean the house?  “Why are you doing all this” I gently asked curiously.  “We get POINTS, remember?!?  We’re earning our POINTS so we can earn those rewards you set up for us on our ChoreMonster! REMEMBER!?!”

Since the free app called ChoreMonster entered our home, beds have been made daily, stairs have been vacuumed twice a week, the dining room table has been spotless, the front steps have been swept, and there are zero clothes on the floor.

IMG_5757I haven’t asked, prompted, prodded, reminded, or ANYTHING. They are motivated by the interactive brilliance that is ChoreMonster. ChoreMonster has completely re-imagined the potential in chores.  It’s taken the drudgery out of chores completely and replaced it with a Carnival, Theater, and Rewards.

Here’s how it works, parents download and work within the free parent-app Mothershp. This is where you enter in the chores to be done, frequency of those chores, points possible for completing those chores, and the rewards possible to be earned by completing the chores.  Every chore completed earns your child points and a ticket.  The tickets offer a spin on the Carnival Wheel or the opportunity to save up the Tickets to use on Monsters or funny episodes of the Monsters. Mothershp then pushes the chores, point values and rewards into the child-app, ChoreMonster. No extra work for you!

Your children use their Points to earn Rewards.  I chose to create experiential Rewards like Lunch at School with Daddy, 30 Minutes TV Time, 30 Minutes Computer Time.  You can create Rewards you know your child will love too!


The availability of tickets and rewards are continuous, daily motivators for your child to complete their chores.  Each time a chore is completed, the child logs it’s completion on their account, which sends a notification to their parent for approval.  The parent then can Approve or Reject the chore from their device depending on if the chore was completed or not.  Simple!

Plus, ChoreMonster connects to so you could reward with the purchase of a revered item, if you like!  They’ve basically thought of everything!  Right down to embedding a Google image search in the app so you can add a pic to each chore as a visually identifier.  This feature worked 50% of the time and has been the only glitch I’ve experienced in the app.  A pic glitch isn’t a deal breaker for me since my new reality is that my sons are now self-motivated to eradicate the Lego shrapnel from the play room floor! 

IMG_5762As you set up your ChoreMonster, you’ll find it helpful to have a list ready of chores and how often you’d like them completed whether it be daily, twice a week, once a week, etc. Then, assigning a point value to each chore will be a breeze.  Those points and the interactive experience within ChoreMonster has motivated my sons to ask for ADDITIONAL chores!  I’m a fan of this highly strategic tool parents can utilize to infuse fun into helping children enjoy being involved in caring for the family’s home. 

Be fore warned though, as soon as your children see their own ChoreMonster, they just might be doing their chores BEFORE YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH!  Go download this app.  You’re gonna LOVE IT! 

For more info on ChoreMonster, check out this video.

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