How Early is Too Early for Bedtime?

Toddler Sleep

Sleep, what an awesome thing.

Wouldn’t all you mommas out there agree? I never knew that there would come a time in my life when I would talk about sleep so much. Complain about it, compare the amount I got with others, have to “train” someone else to do it. Ah, precious, lovable, sleep. Recently, My two and a half-year-old “decided” that she no longer needed to sleep in the middle of the day.

It’s so cute that she thinks that Naptime is about her. We all know that Naptime = “Mommy Alone Time.”

Despite my protests, Baby Girl is over it. My battle with Naptime has been waged and I have had to reluctantly admit defeat. Anyway, now that it is gone and it ain’t coming back I have sort of this weird freedom of not having to sit silently in a room for hours hoping and praying that she falls asleep for the love of all that is good and holy. But, without the naps, the toddler Witching Hour and destruction comes earlier and earlier in the evening and it makes for a tough transition into nighttime. We needed a strategy, a routine, a plan of attack. I turned to my momma friends to see what wisdom they had to share about nighttime routines and getting these kids to go the heck to sleep at a reasonable hour. 

These chicks ain’t messing around, y’all.

“Bedtime is 7:30 here. Earlier on their crankiest days” -Mariana

“My kids are in bed by 6:30 every day except Monday’s when they are in bed by 7. My youngest gets up before 5 everyday. Bedtime is not negotiable here. Solidarity friend!”  -Abby

Solidarity flowed…

“We do dinner at 4:45/5 and bed for Jovie at 6:30, Jack by 7:30. Only way I’m sane in the evenings. Can’t wait til it’s light out and we can do an after dinner walk with him to wind down.”  -Lauren

“Yara is usually still in bed by 6:15 on school nights. We eat dinner at 4:45.”  -Melania

“Bedtime is 7 here. Up at 6:30. Kids just got invited to a birthday party that’s is from 5 – 7:30 PM…that really made me feel alone in the bedtime world.” -Meg

“We eat at 4/4:30 and kids are in bed by 6:30-7:00.” -Dolores

Bedtime is Serious Business

“Anyone who judges can kiss my pasty white behind – some kids need more sleep than others. Rose is a nightmare if she’s up past 7:30.” -Colleen 

Even when they beg to stay up they don’t REALLY know what they are asking for!

“CJ begged us to go to the WWE show that was in town last night. Bedtime for him is at 8 (it’s evolved over the years since he’s 9). We told him we didn’t think it was a good idea because it started at 7. Whining, crying, complaining that we’re the worst parents ever. We were watching the show and decided we’d let him stay up a little later to be “nice.” We look over and homie is out cold at 8:05.

Our routine is set in stone because meds are involved due to his ADHD. It’s frustrating when people don’t understand why we can’t go to a 7:00 Wave or Admirals game but I know they’d be the first ones complaining at the unholy terror he’d be. He gets sleep hangry…gets that from his mama.” -Mandy

I read comment after comment with my jaw on the ground. I was literally like…. 


Children over a year old go to bed this early and they sleep all night? How? I am SHOOK! 

My oldest doesn’t go to bed until 8pm the earliest, that is even on the days she doesn’t nap. I really had enough the other night though and my husband wasn’t home and I dropped the gavel so hard you guys, she was in bed lights out at 7:55 pm. Don’t mess with me!

There was a momma that shared in my exhaustion and felt her solidarity to my tired little core!

“We do dinner at 5 or 5:30, Brynn is in bed by 7 and Braden STARTS going to bed at 7:30. Depending on the day, we get him down between 8 and 8:45. It is EXHAUSTING. Who wants to do anything – housework, work work – after 9pm?!” -Callie

I am exhausted! But, now I know why! There is this life I didn’t know I could be living where people have 3+ hours to watch TGIT shows and have adult conversations and do all the things. My eyes are open now. My kids better watch out because tonight, bedtime starts at 7:57! And tomorrow we will back that train up to 7:55!

What is your night time routine? Do you suffer like me or do you run a tight ship?

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