Halloween With a Toddler {Part One } – The Idea


October 31, 2015 marks the second Halloween with the title of Mom.  With that title comes some responsibility that I’m not 100% sure I’m ready for.

When I was little, I remember Trick-or-Treating with pillow cases and whatever costume idea my Mom suggested was pretty much the one I went with.  I had zero interest in partaking in thinking of the costume idea or the making of the costume.  I was in it for the candy.

Little Lo

Little Lo

Now the tables have turned and I’m the Mom who needs to come up with the costume idea.  Last year was easy.  Cash was only 5 months old and with a name like that, we obviously dressed up like robbers and the kid looked like a sack with a big dollar sign.  Trick-or-Treat was in the evening and Cash was down by 7:30PM.  To be completely transparent, if it weren’t for the rest of our tribe all cute and dressed up like sharks, the husband and I would have been passed out at 7:30PM as well.

This year however, things are a little different.  We’ve got a toddler on our hands.  A little more planning and preparation needs to happen; or at least I think it does?  I swear, it was barely even October and we already knew when the Trick-or-Treat times were in our area and what we are all going as. I even had 90% of Cash’s outfit ready to go and a little candy tub for him.  Cash is going to be the Hulk, I’ll be a retired Wonder Woman, and Dad will be…well ok, so maybe two out of the three are ready to go.  I’m picturing we wake up, have some breakfast, the other half of our tribe comes over, Cash goes down for a little nap and then we head door to door for a few tasty treats once he wakes up. No tears or tantrums, just a completely complaint kiddo with perfect manners who acts nothing like what his costume would suggest.

For as lovely as this all sounds, I’m feeling what I’m envisioning is not even close to what the reality is going to be.

Stay tuned for {Part 2} The Reality.

What are your plans for Halloween? We’d love to hear about your costume ideas and how you plan to enjoy the day!

Looking for the Trick-or-Treat times for your neighborhood? Check out this sweet interactive map from Fox 6 NOW to find when and where things are happening in your neck of the woods. It includes Trick-or-Treat times, haunted houses, costume shops and more!



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