Last Minute Shopping :: Milwaukee Gift Ideas for St. Nick’s Day

If you’re a Milwaukee local, then you’re likely familiar with the tradition of St. Nick’s Day on December 5th. And, if you’re anything like me, you probably end up having to do shopping for St. Nick’s Day late and in a hurry! You’ve only got a few days left to shop. We’ve come up with a great list of ideas for your last minute shopping! Everything from treats & tickets to jammies & decorations. 

Local Experiences & Treats

We are so lucky to have so many amazing local businesses in our area and what’s better than shopping small during the holidays? While you’re out running errands stop in and grab a gift certificate to take the kids out for a local experience or just a treat! You don’t have to spend a lot to make it a special gift.

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Shopping for St. Nick’s Day in Milwaukee

Movie tickets to Rosebud

A gift card to Cranky Al’s

Passes to jump at Helium or Skyzone

Gift cards for frozen yogurt at Yo Mama!

A gift certificate for a special day out at Elm Grove Art

Ski lift tickets

Passes to the water park at Country Springs

Mini Christmas Tree- 

While talking with a friend this week she mentioned that one year she bought her kids each a mini Christmas tree for their room and a couple of small ornaments for it. We’re talking, very small! In the following years, she’d buy a small box of ornaments, mini LED lights or a tree topper for their trees. I love this idea! My kids are 12 and 7 and both begged to have small trees in their room this year. From here on out, each kid will get some sort of “mini” item for their mini tree on St. Nick’s Day. Again, this is a gift that easy to pick up while you’re out shopping already!

Craft Supplies-

Kids love doing little crafts, especially around Christmas time. You can easily find small craft kits in the dollar section at your local store. Or, grab a few fun things that you know your kids will like and package them together. My kids like to paint the wooden ornaments from the craft store, so those are always a great option. If your kids could use new crayons, scissors, maybe some construction paper this is a great little gift (and inexpensive) to put together. And, it’s useful! Craft supplies to make a simple ornament like the one pictured are a great idea too!



Christmas Movies & Jammies- 

Another fun experience gift that you can enjoy with your kids is to purchase a new Christmas movie each year. After 12 years of parenting we’ve got quite the collection of holiday flicks. The kids love to watch a Christmas movie on Saturday mornings in December while we’re getting ready for our day. And Christmas jammies are always so much fun! If you give them for St. Nick’s Day, then the kids will get more use out of them. There is definitely not a shortage in the stores either! 

Hopefully these ideas will help you out in your last minute shopping! St. Nick’s Day gifts don’t have to be pricey or expensive. Fun, little gifts, treats and experiences (even better!) are just right. 

Have you done your shopping yet?

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