Twenty Milestones for Multiples


When I was pregnant with my first child, I distinctly remember going to the bookstore and pouring over the baby books. I carefully chose the cutest, sweetest one on the shelf. Throughout his first year of life, I meticulously and neatly filled out every detail with a specially purchased, smudge-proof pen.

Child Two — I attempted to do the same, but of course fell short. The “big stuff” is filled out, but I completed much of it based on educated guesses made a month or two after the fact.

Then I had twins.

They’re nine months old and I have yet to purchase a baby book. Aside from the obvious (that I scarcely have time to eat, much less take a moment to write down when one precious peanut eats her first spoonful of prunes) I haven’t purchased a baby book because I haven’t found one with room to document the milestones that are standing out to me most right now: milestones for multiples

Yes, I know that multiples learn to crawl, walk, babble, sleep, and eat just like every other baby, but when you have twins or higher order multiples, you quickly find yourself waiting for an entirely different set of milestones: milestones unique to babies born with a womb-mate. 

So, if I were to design a baby book specific to twins, triplets, or quads, here are just a few of the line items I would include as noteworthy events in this first year of life:

  1. The first moment you hold them both, together. 2015-12-25-21-14-08-1
  2. The first successful tandem feeding.
  3. The first tandem diaper blow-out.
  4. That first witching hour they both scream inconsolably at the same time.unspecified-2
  5. The first time both nap at the same time.
  6. The first successful public outing with both (or all) of your babies.2015-12-31-17-25-39
  7. The first time leaving the house with only one (and feeling like you’re going on vacation).
  8. The first night they both sleep through the night, on the same night.
  9. That first picture you get of both smiling.
  10. The first moment they look at each other and you know they’re noticing each other.unspecified
  11. The first day you realize you’ve had them mixed up for several hours.
  12. The first day you notice a characteristic that unmistakably distinguishes one from the other.13419183_838012630449_8276062659412974074_n
  13. The first night they sleep separated.
  14. The first time one steals a toy from the other.img_6242
  15. That first funny moment they laugh at each other.
  16. The first morning you wake up to them chatting with one another.
  17. The first time you forget there are two and leave one somewhere (relax – it was only for a few minutes).img_5394
  18. The first moment one gets jealous of you holding or feeding the other.
  19. That first day you’re unable to carry both at the same time because they’re getting too heavy.
  20. The first moment you’re struck breathless with the realization of how blessed you are to have the unique privilege to be a mom of multiples. It’s a journey like no other. 13876566_848260433769_4128189337431372856_n

So in the midst of all the chaos and changing and feedings….soak it all in, mamas. 

Mamas with multiples, chime in! What special milestones have you noticed with your littles? 

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3 Responses to Twenty Milestones for Multiples

  1. Lindsay September 26, 2016 at 10:08 am #

    The first time one of them does something sweet for the other. The first time you see them give each other a hug or a kiss.

    • Lindsay September 26, 2016 at 10:09 am #

      The first time you take them both by yourself to a doctors visit and survive!

  2. Jen August 16, 2017 at 8:51 pm #

    The first time they tell each other, “love you.”

    I love this post!!

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