Learning to Let Go….Already?

She’s only three, but already she is three.

But she is our only.

Maybe it’s time for us to loosen our grip. It won’t be time to let go in the BIG ways for a while, right? But already we know the years move swiftly.

Let’s (try our hardest to) let up a little, stand back, and follow her lead.

“Mom, Dad. I’ve got this.”

Already we feel an introduction to letting go. At the playground, she climbs higher up the ladder rungs. But we stand nearby so she knows we’ll catch her if she falls. It’s not hovering, more like spotting.

When the babysitter arrives, she hugs us and helps us out the door. But we go out early so we can come home early because being home for bedtime is important to her us.

At her appointment, the pediatrician asks her about her life and she answers his questions. But we’re right there to confirm those answers, and because when she learns her finger will be pricked she also realizes she’s worn out from all that being brave.

The Dance

We love being right there for her, but it’s important we let up a little, too.

In a way, we’ve been here before. We know this ever-changing suit up/show up part to parenting.

The hardest part: Be there, but not too much, and in just the right way at just the right moment. Also, let her try, but intervene when she’s showing you it’s time to help. 

She is little, but she is learning.

We feel that happy/sad pit-of-our-parent-stomach combo feeling because we know what is happening. Her world is opening up and she is stepping into her personhood. This is the goal, but it’s also the humbling part of parenthood. This is what we hoped for, but getting there is hard.

She’s already there. We’ll keep our forever place in standing behind her, beside her, before her, wherever we are needed.

Parents, take your places but remember to keep changing positions.

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