A Well-Adjusted Pregnancy with Well Family Chiropractic

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UPDATED as of December 29, 2017 :: Epic Family Chiropractic is now Well Family Chiropractic!

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Ladies, we can all agree that pregnancy is NOT a walk in park.

Even in the best case scenario, the toll that it takes on our bodies is extreme. The stretching! The aching hips! The fatigue! The pelvis that feels like it might literally break into pieces! My first pregnancy was by all accounts great and I a had normal and relatively speedy birth experience. I credited it to taking great care of myself throughout, and feared that this time around having a toddler demanding my undivided attention 24/7 would affect this pregnancy with baby #2 quite a bit (which now, at 39 weeks pregnant, is a wild understatement!) If I could, I wanted to set myself up for success again, knowing that my “me time” was limited by a demanding one-year-old. 

Well Family Chiropractic

Since I’d had success with prenatal chiropractic in the past, I was thrilled to meet Dr. Lauren Zokan through MKE Moms Blog. She was so warm and friendly and specializes in working with woman and children. In our first consultation, I learned more about how chiropractic can help the body’s ability to adapt to changes that occur during pregnancy and function the way that it is designed. YES PLEASE. Why wouldn’t a mom want to be more comfortable during pregnancy and improve the likelihood of an easier delivery?  
Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can help prevent many issues that arise (and at times, linger) including carpal tunnel, leg cramps, constipation, and nausea. It also helps women to be more comfortable and helps baby be optimally positioned. 
One of the most significant impacts it has had on me this pregnancy is comfort at night; I can tell a significant difference in my sleep for the few nights following an adjustment with Dr. Lauren. I feel more rested and energetic in the morning and sleep has not been as often interrupted by the classic pregnancy aches in my hips and knees.  
Dr. Lauren is certified in Websters Technique, a way of checking and adjusting a pregnant woman’s pelvis and sacrum, checking her round ligament for tension, and checking surrounding muscles and ligaments. When Webster’s Technique is performed baby has more room to grow and develop and Baby is able to be in the optimal position for delivery. Dr. Lauren’s experience working with women for the past 3+ years on this technique quickly gained my trust and I was thrilled to find that my baby was head down at 32 weeks (even though she was breech until then!!) I genuinely believe that chiropractic was a huge part of her flip to prepare for exit. 
Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention the environment that is important for families. Unlike a lot of other doctor’s offices, the space is open and light, and has THE BEST toys for kids. My son actually cries when we leave there because he likes to play so much. During several of my visits, the receptionist would help to entertain him so I can talk to Dr. Lauren. It honestly feels like we are at a friend’s house more than a doctor’s office. 
epic family chiropractic
Dr. Lauren and Well Family Chiropractic would love to meet you and get to know you and your family so they can come alongside you and support the wellness goals you have for you, whether that is through your pregnancy, an infant with sleep struggles or reflux, or for regular adjustments for the whole family. 

To learn more about Well Family Chiropractic, visit them online or at their Mequon location. 

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