Curly Hair Tips & Tricks

Curly Hair Tips and Tricks

As every Curly Hair Girl knows, taking care of our hair is a bit like the famous line from Forrest Gump — you never know what you’re gonna get! Curls are fickle and finding the right fit for your curls can be quite the journey of trial and error. We’ve gathered the tips, tricks and products that four of our curly-haired contributors use to help our other mamas with curls embrace their hair in all its beauty! 


How would you describe your hair? 
There are so many different types of curly hair, but since I’m biracial, there has been quite a learning curve! I had a great hairstylist that taught me everything I know and she knew how to cut my hair. Cutting curly hair is different from cutting straight hair so make sure you have a great hairstylist! 
I have A LOT of hair. It’s very thick with a couple of different types of curls. At the scalp, my curls tend to be more kinky with looser curls developing further down as you get into the length. I had a relaxer in my hair for over a decade until I decided to grow it out and go natural, which was the best decision ever! I love that I can choose to wear it curly or straight depending on my mood. 
My Curly Hair Regimen: 
  • One time a week, I shampoo and condition my hair using Mixed Chicks sulfate free shampoo and Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner.
  • Every couple of days during that week, I will co-wash my hair with my conditioner. I also work a dime-size amount through my hair and leave it in.
  • I do not use a hairdryer on my hair when wearing it curly. I wash/co-wash at night, towel dry, and do large twists in my hair. The next morning, I untwist and go- creating the looser curls that you see in the picture. Twisting protects the hair!
  • Every night, I spray enough water on my hair to dampen it, and then brush it out and re-twist before bed.
  • I don’t use any styling products because they tend to dry my hair.
  • I know many women with curly hair use their fingers to comb the curls, but because I have so much hair, it would be a major mess if I did that! I use a paddle brush to brush it out and then do my twists. 


How would you describe your hair? 

You’d never believe it, but my hair is thin. T-H-I-N. As in, can see my scalp if not done correctly, what is going on I think I’m going bald, thin. And each strand is fine as well. Frizz is a huge issue for my hair and without the right products and technique I look like a dark blonde brillo pad. Not cute.

What products do you use? 

After years of working in salons (as a stylist) and trying every high end, mid-range and low end product you can imagine, I finally discovered and fell in love with Deva Curl products. Like, I’d marry them if it made any sense (or if it would get me some sort of family discount), because these products made me finally love my curly hair. I wash (only a couple of times a week or after I work out) with Deva Curl Low Poo (original), condition (daily and massage the heck out of my scalp with on days that I’m not washing) with Deva Curl One Condition (original). My two styling products are the Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel and Set It Free. I can’t even imagine my hair without them. Typically I keep a bottle of Mist-er Right on hand for when needed, especially during the summer when my hair needs a pick me up from the humidity or in the winter when it’s gone hat/coat flat. 

My Curly Hair Regimen: 
Wash, condition, rinse. I very gently blot my hair with a towel. No rubbing at all, because that creates frizz. While my hair is still very wet and with about a quarter size pump of the defining gel all over my hands and fingers, I flip my head over and lightly comb through my hair with my fingers. I then flip my hair back over and gently scrunch the rest of the gel into my hair, while also placing any curls that may be standing up or laying funky exactly where they should be. I then spray my hair with Set It Free, and leave it. Never, ever touch your curls while they’re drying. The most I ever do it gently slide my fingers onto my scalp and lift the hair a bit to create volume and so that my hair isn’t lying flat against my head once it’s dry. When my hair is about 98% dry I go through and lightly scrunch and lift again. That’s it. The least amount of touching and messing with, the better off.. especially when trying to keep the frizz at bay. 


How would you describe your hair? 
My hair is THICK and it grows like crazy. It’s also very temperamental. Sometimes I get tight curls and sometimes it decides to present a bit more on the wavy side. It’s also very susceptible to humidity and the Frizz Monster can attack like crazy if I don’t use the right product. 
What products do you use? 
I’ve gone through so many product combinations as my hair has evolved! And yes, it has changed over the years and after each of my births. For a while, I used only two products: Coconut Oil and John Frieda Frizz Ease Spray. I shampoo with Pureology Curl Complete and also use the matching conditioner. Recently, I have started to use Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream as well as the straight Moroccan Oil Treatment to refresh my curls on the second (and sometimes third) day. For hair spray, I use John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Spray
My Curly Hair Regimen: 
I only shampoo about twice per week, but will condition more often if need be. While my hair is still quite damp, I flip my head down so my hair is hanging freely and take a couple pumps of the Curl Defining Cream and run it through the hair from roots to ends using my fingers. (Previously, I would take about a nickel-sized dollop of coconut oil and warm it in my hands to melting point before running it through the hair.) Next, I flip my hair up and arrange according to my natural part line. Then I take a bit more of the curl cream on my fingers before grabbing chunks all over the hair and twisting them around my fingers to make defined curls. Once those are set, I spray everything down with the John Frieda Frizz Ease spray. My next steps really depend on how much time I have to finish up! 
If I have plenty of time: I use a clean t-shirt to “plop” my hair. There are tons of tutorials out there on YouTube for “hair plopping,” so feel free to check it out. Basically, you lay the t-shirt out on the bed, flip your hair over, and then gently let the curls pile up on themselves on top of the shirt. Then you tie the shirt around the nape of your neck and grab the top of the shirt to bring around the rest of your hair before tying it at the front like a sort of turban. I allow my hair to dry in the t-shirt for about 45 minutes before I remove the shirt, re-arrange my hair and then use a diffuser to dry the rest of the way. This method give me more volume and makes my curls soft and natural.
If I’m in a hurry: I skip the “plopping” step and head right to the diffuser. When drying curly hair with a diffuser, the less you move it, the better. I position it up under the ends and collect the hair in a cluster as I move the diffuser up vertically and then hold it in place toward the roots for a few seconds before slowly releasing and moving over to another section. I always save targeting the roots for last so I can try to get volume at the crown of my hair too. Hair spray, scrunch a bit and go! 


How would you describe your hair? 

My hair changed drastically after I became a mom, something that I have heard happens due to all those darn hormones. In my case, it stayed curly as ever, but fortunately the frizziness reduced and became more manageable. Unfortunately for me, it’s been a swing and a miss for relearning what products work for my hair. Finally though, finally, I found a system that works! 
My Curly Hair Regimen:
After washing my hair, I use Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner twice a week, I wrap my hair in towel to soak up excess water. Then, I comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb and wrap my hair up again in the towel for a few minutes. After that, I put product in. I rotate which products I use because I found that my hair “gets used to” the same product all the time. 
Pairing #1-
Pairing #2-
After putting in the product, I wrap my hair up again in the towel for a few minutes and then finger twirl my hair into smaller one inch sections as it is drying. I twirl my hair from the bottom up because I found that it reduces any frizz and gives it a better controlled curl. After it’s completely dry (or for next day hair), I’ll use a little Moroccan Oil or Coconut Oil as touch up but I don’t put any at my roots because I found the oil is too heavy for my type of curls. 

We hope this helps our curly-haired friends with some new products and methods!

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