5 Things My Toddler Has Made Me Re-Think

Toddlers are such sweet and funny little creatures. They are full of emotional highs and lows as well as a curiosity that guides them through their world. Constantly learning and growing, they are wide eyed to everything going on around them.

My little toddler is currently 2.5 years old and fills my life with all the good things a mother could imagine, plus a little chaos. This little girl of mine makes me both laugh and cry, and also forces me to reflect on my life and choices. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it’s a not so great thing, but nonetheless, I love her for it. As it’s a new year and we all seem to spend a little more time reflecting and resolving to change things for the upcoming year ahead, I’d like to summarize five of things she has made me re-think as of lately, because goodness, I have a few things to work on.

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The 5 Things My Toddler Has Made Me Re-Think

  1. My language
    I am not talking about cursing or using foul language, I am talking about the real way I speak. My little girl was recently over using the term “behindjya” as in “behind-jjj-yyyaa” to the point of annoying me like crazy. (Translation: “behind you”.) I actually scolded her a bit after the hundredth time of correcting the speech and asked who in the world talks to her like that. She just smiled and continued teasing me with the phrase. It was about a day later when I honestly heard myself ask her “Whatchya wanna do?” Clearly if want to teach my children the appropriate way to speak, I need to sharpen up my skills. 
  2. My eyesight
    It was when my daughter scrunched up her face and furrowed her eyebrows down asking me, “Why you making this face mom?” that it dawned on me. At first, I didn’t really know what she was talking about until she caught me in the act. I was trying to change the channel on the television, made my scrunched up, eyebrows down face when she asked me again. Of course, now I know this is my squint-to-see-what-I’m-looking-at face. Eye doctor appointment has been added to my to-do list and improving my vision has become a major priority.
  3. My sense of fashion
    I do like to stay somewhat on trend with my clothing, so when all of the major fashionistas in my life were wearing the off the shoulder top and looking gorgeous in the process, I decided to try my hand at the wear. I’m not one with an overabundance of self-confidence, but the first day I wore my new off the shoulder sweater, I thought to myself this is pretty cute. I then walked out of my bathroom and proceeded with my morning at home. The exact moment my sweet little girl saw me, she came over to me, tried to pick up the shoulders of my sweater to cover my actual shoulders and asked why I wasn’t covered up. I did describe to her that the sweater was meant to be this way and that it actually looks pretty. She just couldn’t grasp the concept. All day she was trying to cover me up and continued asking why the shirt was made like that and why I wouldn’t want to wear it up like normal. I’ve come to realize, there may be certain fashion trends that are more suitable for days at home with my children than others.
  4. My knowledge
    This same little girl asks me a bazillion questions a day and wants to know the answer to everything. Typical toddlerism. I did once believe I was a relatively smart person, however, I now only have actual answers for a small fraction of my child’s questions and often rely on Google or Siri to help me out. The curiosity of my toddler has made me realize I have so, so much to learn and that maybe I should question more things, too. 
  1. My beauty
    Note previous mention of not having an overabundance of confidence. It’s something I’ve been more actively working on since having daughters because I want to raise them knowing they are confident in exactly who they are. It’s a little ironic then, that my toddler is teaching me the exact same thing. She sees me for exactly who I am and loves me unconditionally. She repeatedly tells me I’m pretty, that she likes what I’m wearing, that I’m her best friend and that she loves me as big as the whole world. She sees me as beautiful – and it’s making me feel more and more so.

While minutes and hours and days can seem so long with a toddler, they are all so precious. I am grateful for what my toddler has made me re-think – whether they are all things I wanted to realize or not. Her insights and heart make me want to be a better person

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