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Disclosure :: This post was sponsored by Swimtastic in Franklin, a local swim school devoted to teaching water skills to all Milwaukee area kids and families and written by one of our writers who got to take her child there for his first swimming lessons. We believe water safety skills are crucial and are looking forward to sharing our writer’s experience with her child attending Swimtastic!

Swimtastic Swim School

In my previous post about Swimtastic, I wrote about my 2-year-old son’s struggle with swimming and water play. His first lessons were challenging for all of us but we powered through and he’s a completely different kid now!

When last we left Oscar….

We were on week three of lessons and the crying continued but, my kid stopped trying to climb out of the pool (#Progress)! He also eagerly high-fived his teacher. By then, I was dutifully hanging out in the viewing area with all of the other parents. My husband and I watch intently while quietly giggling to ourselves at the sight of our child who was willingly participating in his swim lessons while crying. I should also mention that my son’s lesson was merely one of about 5 lessons happening simultaneously.

All of the classes are very small and there is one teacher for every handful of students. Swimtastic has this down to an art!

Week four proved to be our biggest week thus far! I eagerly handed my son to his instructor and walked away and of course, he started to cry. Then, something magical happened: the crying stopped! He was kicking a little more on his own, giving high-fives and wearing goggles without protest. He was very proud of himself, showing off his goggle marks to me at the end.

Damaan was right, things were getting better and his joy after the lesson was the best moment we have had yet on this journey!

Swimtastic Swim School

After our initial bumps, it became clear that the Swimtastic approach is so effective because they practice consistency. Each lesson followed the same routine week by week. In the same way that a good bedtime routine eventually yields more restful nights, the repetitive nature of each lesson helped my child build trust in his teacher and comfort with the water. He went from crying in the locker room from the anxiety to 5 minute changes sans tears. It was a joy watching Oscar go from sobbing at the sight of the pool to a kid eager to have his turn with his teacher and give enthusiastic high fives after a job well done. 

Post-swim lessons, we’ve noticed that his comfort with water is way up and baths are more enjoyable. We are certain we will be back for more lessons and we plan on including our 5 year old too! Overall, our experience with Swimtastic was wonderful and so much more than we hoped for. We appreciated the wonderful staff and the dedication they have to help kids grow in their swimming skills and in their confidence. swimtastic2

In closing, here are my tried-tested-and-true top 5 reasons why we loved the Swimtastic experience:

  1. Our 30 minute swim lesson always started on time. I never felt like we had to worry if other lessons would run long or if our routine after our lesson would get disrupted.
  2. The facility was always clean. Cleanliness is important to me, especially when lots of water and humans are involved. I appreciated the clean locker room, the tidy play area and the always well kept lobby. The equipment used with lessons always looked like new and there never piles of towels or equipment sitting out anywhere.
  3. Teacher to parent feedback after every lesson. At the end of every lesson, Oscar’s swim teacher would tell each parent how their child’s lesson went. Every week, she would share what went well during the lesson and what still needed work. I love direct feedback like this and it allowed me to be part of his growth along the way.
  4. There are so many options for times and ways to pay. Swimtastic offers a wide variety of swim lessons by age group with options for different days of the week including weekends. You can pay per lesson or you can sign up for unlimited lessons at a monthly rate!
  5. This was one of my son’s first accomplishments at such a young age. Just take a look at his smile! Need I say more?                

Getting Started with Swimtastic

  • You can register for swim lessons year round! Swimming isn’t just for summer and they want to work to accommodate a variety of schedules for busy families.
  • The pool is kept at a warm 90 degrees, specifically designed to make young swimmers feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Small class sizes! As Mariana mentioned, her child got individual attention because there are no more than 4 kids per class and no more than 6 per parent/child in the infant class. Instructors are really able to cater the class to the child’s needs. 
  • Professional Instructors. Swimtastic teachers must be lifeguard certified and complete 30 hours of water training and 10 hours of book training.

Learning to swim is a very important skill that could save a child’s life. Check out Swimtastic for lessons or try them out with a FREE Family Swim Pass! You can also give Swimtastic Franklin a call at 414-421-7946 and tell ’em we sent ya! 

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