When Seconds Count :: How a Mom Used CPR to Save Her Daughter’s LIfe

Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, who also provided all information and medical resources. We are proud to share this crucial information with Milwaukee area families.

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Anyone who has ever learned CPR has done so in the hopes they will never have to use it. Today we are sharing the story of Dana, a Milwaukee area mother whose CPR training and quick thinking saved her daughter’s life as well as providing numerous resources for how to become trained in these life-saving techniques.

Dana was originally trained in CPR as a requirement for her job as a child care provider. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that the first time she would have to use it would be on her very own daughter.

12-year-old Kylie swung by the day care center where her mother worked after school to play with the babies and toddlers after school. She often did this and loved to hang out with the kids and lend a hand to the workers.

Everything was fine until Kylie suddenly collapsed. Initially, Dana assumed her daughter had merely tripped and she would quickly start to cry from some sort of minor injury. But Kylie was silent. Her eyes were blankly staring off into space and Dana quickly realized that something was seriously wrong. She yelled to her daughter to “come back to us” while the panic began to flood through her brain.

While a co-worker called 911, Dana began CPR on her daughter. Initially, a friend was doing compressions while Dana took care of breaths, but at some point her Mom Mode clicked on and she took over the whole process on her own. They had just begun setting up the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) when help arrived and the paramedics took over Kylie’s care.

Kylie was taken to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin where doctors discovered an atrial septal defect (ASD) that took the family completely by surprise. Essentially, Kylie had a big hole in her heart. She had never had any sort of heart troubles before, so understandably this news was shocking. Surgery was ordered and the family prepared themselves for the unknown.

Any time your child is seriously injured or sick, there is a level of fear for parents. While Dana and her family were certainly scared during this ordeal, they were so thankful to have been at Children’s for their daughter’s treatment. From the nurses who stayed by Kylie’s side throughout her stay at the hospital to the surgeon who fixed her heart, everyone was thankful for the expertise and kindness of every single person they encountered at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Despite surprise heart surgery and a lengthy stay in the hospital, Kylie is going to be able to return to living life as a normal kid thanks to the quick action her mother took by starting CPR in those first critical minutes. Now, Kylie herself has been certified along with her siblings. Anyone can learn CPR and Dana firmly believes everyone should, especially since it was those three hours of training that saved her daughter.

Families worldwide trust the Herma Heart Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for compassionate, comprehensive and cutting-edge cardiac care for their children, before birth and into adulthood.

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There are numerous opportunities to become CPR certified all over the Milwaukee area. These in particular are recommended by the medical professionals at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin :: 

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