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10 Reasons Moms Need Group Texts

About a year ago, a close friend moved across the country. She’s been home a few times since she moved but even with that, we don’t see each other any more than we did when she lived in here. I’ve known this friend for almost all of my adult life and we’ve been through dating, […]

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The Great Divide: Non-Mom Friendships

  We all talk a lot about “mom tribes,” and finding this wonderful group of other moms to bond with. But what about the friends in your life who aren’t moms? Where do they fit in? Or do they slowly fall out of your life? It turns out making mom friends can be pretty darn hard. […]

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I am so grateful for my mom friends. I am a stronger, more confident mom thanks to their support and friendship.

Be the Mom You Want to Be

It’s happened to all of us. You’re talking with a group of moms, and all of a sudden you start talking about breastfeeding (or co-sleeping or homeschooling or pretty much any other parental decision). “I stopped nursing when I went back to work,” you say. Or, “My son is almost two and I still nurse.” Regardless of […]

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