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Baby Sleep 101: Establishing the Foundation for Healthy Sleep Habits

FREE. For pregnant, first time parents.
Advanced RSVP required. Limited tickets available.
Hosted by Joan Becker Friedman of Pea Pod Sleep Consultants, LLC.

Join us for a free expectant parent class that reviews healthy sleep practices during the first few months of life. In addition to a discussion of the most recent AAP safe sleep recommendations, this class covers how to go about establishing a foundation for healthy sleep during those early weeks so that by the time your little one is 4 months, he or she will be sleeping through the night and ready for 3 naps/day. Joan is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, Happiest Baby educator and founder of Pea Pod Sleep Consultants, LLC.

This is an adult only event.

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Mommy and Me at Hubbard Park

She Won’t Remember And I’ll Never Forget

Someone almost made my heart stop this week. When I was lamenting about you having to share the attention and toys once your little sister arrives, this person said, “It’s OK, she’ll never remember a life without a sister.” Oh, Eggroll. There has been so much to remember already. There was that first night when […]

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