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Our _No sports_ house

Our ‘No Sports’ House and Why I’m OK with That

“What sports is your son playing this summer?” The question caught me off-guard. I just met this woman, and we were at dinner with some mutual friends. “Um…none,” I said. She laughed. “I’m sure there’s something – baseball? Football? Karate?” “None. He doesn’t play sports,” I repeated, and she abruptly turned and started talking to […]

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Dinnertime is best time

Dinnertime Is the Best Time

Our household runs on rules. And while I am getting better at relaxing many of my rules, there’s one that I will not budge on: family dinnertime. Eating dinner together is mandatory in my house. Everyone eats together, at the table, with no TV. Occasionally, someone might be at practice or have a meeting which […]

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