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Grandparents:: The Most Important Members of Our Tribe

There is so much talk about how important your “tribe” is today. Don’t get me wrong, finding supportive friends is amazing, helpful, and definitely needed. However, the most critical part of my family’s tribe are our Grandparents. I’m not sure that we would have made it through the early years without them. Actually, that’s not […]

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The Extras When You’re a Preemie Mom

I’ve been a preemie mom for over 6 years now. As with any aspect of motherhood, it’s something that lasts your whole life. Things don’t just go back to “normal” once your baby comes home from the hospital. You live a new normal that includes a lot of “extras” that I didn’t experience with my […]

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Out of the Forest of My First Year as a Mother

This month my twin baby girls turn one year old. Along with this major milestone comes a lot of expected emotions and many, many confirmed cliches. Where does the time go? How did I wake up one morning to kids instead of babies? The days are long (sometimes very, very long) but the years are […]

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On Embracing Seasons

I. Hate. Winter. There. I said it.  I grew up in Wisconsin, so it’s not like I’m not used to the snow, ice, and cold. It’s just that I don’t like it. Beyond that, I just love summer. So much so, that from the first day of August until the first snowflake falls, I find […]

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Twenty Milestones for Multiples

When I was pregnant with my first child, I distinctly remember going to the bookstore and pouring over the baby books. I carefully chose the cutest, sweetest one on the shelf. Throughout his first year of life, I meticulously and neatly filled out every detail with a specially purchased, smudge-proof pen. Child Two — I attempted […]

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Identical or Fraternal? :: The Great Twin Debate

As any new parent can attest, taking an adorable mini-human into public is basically making yourself a magnet for questions and comments: “Awww! How old is she?” “Is he a good sleeper?” “Look at all that hair!!” Take twins (or triplets, I’m sure!) into public and you may as well schedule in an additional 20 minutes […]

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Meet Heather

You’d think that after 33 years experience, I would kind of have this life thing figured out. Oh, you know… all the “stuff”; how to bake a chocolate chip cookie that is neither burnt nor mushy, how to have a conversation with a stranger without coming across as aloof or desperate for adult conversation, how to be […]

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